The Starter Gallery proudly presents three exhibitions from outstanding artists Alicja Bielawska, Magdalena Karpińska, and Michał Grochowiak. In accordance with the gallery’s own Warsaw Gallery Weekend tradition, two of these premiere projects will be shown in non-gallery venues. Although these artists appear to come from different worlds (Bielawska creates objects, sculptures, and drawings; Karpińska is a ‘classic’ painter; while Grochowiak explores modern photography) they all share a commitment to their own highly expressive artistic language, and reflect on visuality as an aesthetic category.

The exhibition by Alicja Bielawska will consist of a series of sculptures, ceramic objects and drawings. The works are intended to change the space of the exhibition room itself; drawings on the walls and constructions of steel and textiles are meant to create a completely new perceptual experience, triggering deep and subtle memories of our direct contact with objects in the past.

In her latest series of paintings, Magdalena Karpińska continues to treat the visual representation of things as a puzzle. Inspired by the imitation of painting such things as marble onto wood, or a paper flower, or the dramatic attributes of representations of St. Lucia, she focuses on classical painting conventions such as portraits and landscapes. She moves smoothly between the realism dictated by the observation of nature and its deconstruction that leads to abstraction.

Michał Grochowiak’s Small bourgeois deals with urban typologies – from empty public spaces to places of worship. A series of Polaroids show the wall of the block of flats that the artist has photographed for almost two years. Somewhat self-ironically, Grochowiak reflects on the advantage of image over reality and our attachment to images; the tendency to invest symbolic, lyrical and sentimental contents in a two-dimensional presentation. A small bourgeois lives the image or even in the image, staying most susceptible to the influence, suggestions and manipulations of the two-dimensional presentation (…). His experience and cunning suggest to him that reality is three-dimensional, but eyesight very often communicates something else.

 Starter Gallery exhibitions during the Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2016:


Alicja Bielawska
There are no fixed points in space
al.Jana Pawła II 49, Warsaw

Magdalena Karpińska

The Cormorants Island
Szpitalna 6, annex, 4th floor, appartment 13, Warsaw


Michał Grochowiak
The Petit Bourgeois
Starter Gallery, Andersa 13, Warsaw