The Atlas of Polish Birds, an unfinished opus magnum by Janusz Łukowicz, will be the final Starter gallery exhibition this season. The work documents birds from different regions of Poland appearing in the vicinity of motorways and highways, inhabiting the sound screens that pop up along these roads like mushrooms. The Atlas is a fine example of Łukowicz’s peculiar approach, with its characteristic regularity and consistency, resembling a a sensation-hungry reporter relentlessly following the object of his research. And again, as always, the end justifies the means:

BY CAR: Będzin-Cieszyn, on the occasion of the exhibition at the Szara Gallery, 2015
BY CAR: Wrocław, a week stay
BY CAR: Olsztyn, an hour stay in the city, entire trip – 5 hours
BY CAR: Kraków-Rzeszów-Kielce-Kraków, an hour stay in Rzeszów and a half-hour stop in Kielce, an approx. 8 hour journey
BY CAR: Białystok, an approx. 1 hour stay, back and forth in seven hours
BY TRAIN: Zielona Góra – departure from Warsaw about 05:20, arrival at about 12:00, a 2-hour stay, and a train to Poznań. Back in Warsaw by about 23:00.
BY TRAIN: Kołobrzeg – departure from Warsaw at about 02:40, arrival at about 11:30, a 3-hour stay and back in Warsaw at about 23:00.
BY TRAIN: Bydgoszcz – departure from Warsaw at about 08:14, arrival at about 11:30, a 2-hour stay and back in Warsaw at about 18:00.

Janusz Łukowicz
The Atlas of Birds Polish
opening: 23 June 2016, 19:00

The exhibition is open in July and August by phone appointment.