28.04  – 03.06.2016
Starter Gallery, Andersa 13, Warsaw

Let us approach the series of works by Olga Micińska by outlining the difference between an object and a thing. In his etymological deliberations, Remo Bodei defines an object (Latin: obiectum) as an obstacle, a form of impediment, which appears in front of the subject, initially resisting its affirmation but ultimately making itself available to the subject’s manipulation and possession.  A thing, on the other hand, does not pose the same struggle, but it also does not subject itself to the human. To the contrary: a thing is dialectical by nature. Having entered an emotional and intellectual relationship with a physical form, humans assign meaning to it and place it in the sphere of things, which are comprehensible and filled with ideas or functions (…)

The first part of the exhibition functions as a kind of laboratory, showcasing experiments with materials, forms, and their mutual relations. Some of them remain unfinished, open to further explorations, or displayed in the middle of the production process. This is a lab of the artefacts as well as of their meanings. We, the visitors, act both as guests invited behind the scenes of these artistic investigations, observers, and co-creators, who turn objects into things. We strive to identify their origins, methods of production, materials used, and seek to describe them, inscribe in the context of an exhibition, or perhaps a workshop.

In the following room, the attributed sense prevails over the physicality of forms, pushing them towards the realm of symbols. Here, it is not the materials, but the semantic and cultural connotations that lay out the essence of these things. (text: Anna Micińska)


mkidn_01_cmykRealized as a part of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship