Agnieszka Grodzińska and Marko Tadić | Muzeum

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Marko Tadić is a Croatian artist born born in 1979 who creates drawings, collages, and watercolors. His latest exhibition at TRAPÉZ (Budapest) was entitled „Accumulation of the images from below” – and indeed the artist’s working method seems to be collecting images that could be used as sketches for arranging museum exhibitions. In this collection one will find not only projects of spatial installations, wall compositions, sculpture parks, but also „views” of exhibition halls called by the artist „backgrounds”. In these compositions references to Kandinsky and Brancusi are easily recognisable, and are called„The Revision of the Revolution”.

For years Agnieszka Grodzińska’s works have examined the relationship between the the original image and its copy, drawing inspiration from an infinite source of art history, and the history of 20th century painting in particular. Her critical reflection about the image itself (or generally – of a visual transmission, or a work of art in particular) follows two tracks. On the one hand, Grodzińska interferes with materiality and integrity of the images she plays with ( reproductions from painting albums, pictures from magazines of the 1960s, photographs from medical atlases, etc) using physical intervention: she compliments them with rubber bands, matches, and scraps of paper. On the other hand, not without reason she chooses documentary material related to art, its perception as well as the institution of the museum. She also critically reflects on artistic and institutional system, often calling into question the status of the so-called artistic career, and even her own competence as an artist.

Exhibition was created in collaboration with Budapest-based TRAPÉZ Gallery.


Agnieszka Grodzińska and Marko Tadić, Muzeum
25.01 – 16.02.2014
Starter Gallery, ul. Andersa 13, Warsaw